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  1. Acceptance and Modification: You accept these Terms by using Freedom.dating. We may update these Terms, and we'll let you know when we do by updating this page.

  2. Who Can Use Freedom.dating: You must be 18 or older. By using Freedom.dating, you enter into this agreement.

  3. Looking After Your Account: Keep your login details secret. You're responsible for your account, but let us know if there's any unauthorized use.

  4. Using Freedom.dating Safely: Meeting people online has risks. We can't vet every user, so please be cautious, especially when meeting in person.

  5. When Things Go Wrong: We’re not liable for many things - like if you meet someone not-so-great through us. But we do our best to keep Freedom.dating running smoothly.

  6. Your Data: We work hard to protect your data, but we can't guarantee perfect security. You'll be putting your mrna status out in the open so be aware that anyone can see this.

  7. Service Changes and Breaks: Sometimes Freedom.dating might be interrupted or change. We're always trying to improve, but we can't promise it'll be perfect.

  8. Goodbye and Take Care: We might need to close your account if things aren't working out. We'll try to tell you why. We can terminate your account for any reason, so be nice.

  9. Resolving Issues: If you have a problem with us, let's try to sort it out. If we can't, we might ask an independent person to help us resolve it.

  10. Where the Law Comes In: These Terms are based on the law where we're based.

  11. mRNA: We can't guarantee someone's mRNA status is accurate or up to date.

  12. Communications: You agree to receive electronic communications from the site administrator including email and SMS

  13. Affiliate links: Some links on this site may contain affiliate links which generate revenue for the owner of this site.
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